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27-Sep-2018 14:06

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Transform your boring bachelor pad with small objects of curiosity.

Add a touch of interior design class to your place.

This book aims to showcase the most exquisite watches in the world, and they are all modeled after high-end motor vehicles like Porsche and Ferrari.

/ BUY IT HERE More than 700 years of firearm history is included in this impressive collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution.

This book is a consolidation of the history of dogs and their partnership with man, and it dives deeply into the psychological connections with man’s best friend.

/ BUY IT HERE The accessories that a man chooses must match not only his style, but other items in his repertoire.

/ BUY IT HERE The greatest minds in history obviously had to write down their thoughts and discoveries from time to time, and this book includes some of the most pivotal diagrams and technological creations ever devised.

/ BUY IT HERE Tattoos have a rich and illustrious history in society, and their history and evolution has led to some amazing works of body art over the years.

Guests will come to connect the type of coffee table book that is available with the man who chose them.The book is illustrated with over 300 highly detailed firearm images that are meant to represent the real-world equivalent of the firearm in question, including brands like Colt and Kalashnikov. / BUY IT HERE Feeling connected with nature is something that many people don’t experience enough, but Hide and Seek has the ability to transport anyone to a secluded natural getaway from the comfort of their own couch. / BUY IT HERE What was once an incredibly popular blog is now a bestselling book. / BUY IT HERE Over twenty cities from across the six inhabited continents are featured in this beautifully organized series of aerial beach photographs.

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These images are incredibly unique in perspective, lighting, and orientation, which makes them perfect for briefly escaping reality to return to the beach.

/ BUY IT HERE Did you ever wonder what you would receive if you answered a mail-order ad on the back of an old comic? It includes the secrets behind those mail-order promises, many of which were disappointing to those who bought them.

Know what your kids are up to, make sure they don’t get into trouble, prevent the worst from happening in advance.… continue reading »

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